Project Finance Consulting

Assisting clients in developing and executing strategies to raise development capital, permanent equity and debt leverage solution 

Capital Transactions – raising the right type of capital, from the best-fit investors, on optimal terms, and at the right time.


Equity Placement

Finding the right investor for a company can be a daunting task. It's not only about securing funding but also finding an equity partner who is aligned with the company's vision and objectives.

Our team has extensive experience working with investors who are interested in supporting growing companies. We have a proven track record of helping leading businesses secure the necessary capital for expansion. We leverage our experience and relationships to assist you in identifying the best equity partner for your company.

Our expertise includes a range of equity partnership options, such as development equity, permanent equity, preferred equity, mezzanine products or a combination of these solutions.

Debt Placement

We recognize that debt markets are increasingly specialized and complex, posing significant challenges for companies seeking to navigate the market. The complexity is influenced by a variety of factors, changing as frequently as daily market swings.

Through our frequent engagement with alternative debt capital providers, we have gained an in-depth understanding of the markets and how contemporary challenges are impacting investor views and preferences.

Our  expertise, extensive reach and depth of resources enable us to create customized debt solutions that fulfill your unique captital requirements. 

Our proven track record and long dating relationships demonstrate our ability to structure, execute, and place a broad range of investment-grade and below-investment-grade debt products across project finance and corporate finance transactions.

Our comprehensive solutions encompass secured and unsecured senior debt, including bank revolvers, term loans, working capital loans, and privately placed bonds. We also provide subordinated debt solutions, such as second position, second lien, mezzanine, and holding company debt, as well as other structured or hybrid solutions to address your capital needs.


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About Us:

Anglada Capital LLC is a trusted  advisor, providing high-quality services to our valued clients. We have strong, credible, and long-lasting relationships with the investment community, with a proven track record of transacting billions of dollars.

Our team is passionate about delivering innovative solutions to our clients, and we pride ourselves on our guiding principles, which include:

  • Providing objective advice and prioritizing our clients' interests while upholding high ethical standards.
  • Having established relationships with strategic buyers and sellers, as well as institutional investors, giving us access to key decision-makers.
  • Combining bulge bracket expertise with senior-level attention throughout every phase of a transaction.
  • Having extensive industry expertise in infrastructure, waste-to-value, renewable energy and oil and gas as well as comprehensive experience in structured and project finance.
  • Approaching the market thoughtfully and providing objective advice geared towards optimized execution, with a proven track record in equity and debt placement.